A Study on Semiconductors in Two Dimensions: Revolutionizing Light Measurement With a ‘Lab on a Chip

The ‘lab-on-a-chip’ that analyzes light opens the door to portable spectrometers

Scientists, including a materials researcher from Oregon State University, have developed a new tool for measuring light. This could help improve everything from smartphones to environmental monitoring.

The Aalto University in Finland led the study that was published in Science today. It resulted in an ultra-small spectrometer with a high level of power. This spectrameter can be fitted on a chip and operated by artificial intelligence.

The research involved a comparatively new class of super-thin materials known as two-dimensional semiconductors, and the upshot is a proof of concept for a spectrometer that could be readily incorporated into a variety of technologies–including quality inspection platforms, security sensors, biomedical analyzers and space telescopes.