Advancing Intelligent Drug Delivery with Tiny Biohybrid Robots

Tiny biohybrid robots for intelligent drug delivery

Scientists at Zhejiang university summarized in a review paper the development of continuum robotics, from the perspectives of design, actuation and modeling, as well as control. This new review, published on July. The 26th issue of the journal Cyborg and Bionic Systems provides an overview of both the classical and advanced technologies for continuum robots. It also includes some urgently needed solutions.

Haojian Li, professor at Zhejiang university, said that while small-scale robots using new actuation techniques are widely used in interventional surgery or endoscopy for treatment, their mechanical properties remain a mystery.

Many cutting-edge materials were developed to achieve the miniaturization and actuation robots. These materials offer unique advantages. The continuum robotics made from ferromagnetic materials or embedded with micromagnets have accurate steering abilities under a controllable external magnetic field.