AI Automation to Disrupt 300 Million Jobs Across Major Economies

The impact of AI on 300 million jobs in major economies

Goldman Sachs research suggests that the latest advances in artificial intelligence may lead to the automation a quarter or more of the work performed in the US and eurozone.

The investment bank stated on Monday that \”generative AI systems\” such as ChatGPT that can create content indistinguishable to human output could spark a productivity boom, eventually raising annual global gross national product by 7 percent within a 10 year period.

According to Joseph Briggs, Devesh KODNANI, the authors of the paper, if technology lives up to its promises, it will also cause \”significant disruption\” in the labor market. The equivalent of 300,000,000 full-time employees across large economies would be exposed to automation. The most at risk would be lawyers and administrative staff.