AI-Controlled Satellite Takes a Closer Look at Specific Spots in India and Japan

Chinese scientists allow AI to control satellites, which ‘closely look’ at certain spots in India and Japan

Chinese state media reported that a team from Wuhan University researchers let an AI take control of a spacecraft for 24 hours in order to test its capabilities.

South China Morning Post, a Chinese state-run media outlet, has reported on the matter.

Scientists in China have announced that they conducted a \”landmark\” experiment by allowing a machine with artificial intelligence to temporarily control a satellite in a near-Earth orbit in order to test the behaviour of this AI in space.

A paper published by Wuhan University in Geomatics and Information Science stated that Qimingxing 1 was controlled for 24 hours by AI, and worked without human orders, assignments or interventions.

The AI noticed a few spots on Earth and told the satellite to take a \”closer look\”.