AI-Generated Art: Ammaar Reshi’s Alice and Sparkle Sparks Debate on Ethics

He Created A Children’s Book Using AI. Artists are not happy

Ammaar Reshi, a student at OpenAI, was playing with ChatGPT when he thought about how artificial intelligence could be applied to create a simple book for children to give his friends. He published a 12 page picture book in just a few days, printed it and sold it on Amazon, all without picking up a pencil and paper.

Reshi’s feat, which she publicized on Twitter, is a testament of the amazing advances in AI-powered software like ChatGPT, which took over the internet two weeks ago for its ability to mimic the writing and thinking of humans. The book Alice and Sparkle also sparked a heated debate on the ethics of AI generated art. Many people argued that this technology exploits artists and other creatives, using their hard work as a source of inspiration while raising the possibility of replacing them.