AI-Powered Revolution : Chemix Battery Design R&D on Autopilot Delivers 300% Performance Boost

This company uses AI to create EV batteries 300% better

Chemix, a startup in San Francisco Bay Area, uses AI to make its operations more efficient. In a San Francisco Bay Area laboratory, glowing machines that look like servers in data centers test battery chemistries. The company’s Mix software platform then uses the data in order to design new versions of the battery for testing. This speeds up the iteration cycle.

Kaixiang Lin is the cofounder and CEO of a battery startup. She previously worked in battery design at Harvard as a PhD student, Stanford as a postdoc, and another battery start-up. \”We call this battery R&D autopilot because it involves very little human involvement.\”

He says it takes about six months for the system to design batteries that are 300% more efficient than the existing batteries available on the market.