Alias Here: Unlocking AI’s Potential: Create an AI Anime Video in Less Than 12 Hours

Artificial Progression | Alias Here | AI Anime Music Video | Made In Under 12 Hours
I was blown away by AI art and #stablediffusion. In a previous video, I used #deforum as well as #discodiffusion. This time, I wanted to use Automatic1111. Initially, as a music creator and producer, I felt threatened by this technology. But I now understand that it is a tool to be used. You can make art that is beyond the reach of an average AI fan if you treat it as a director/producer.

I was challenged to create a track and a video in less than 12 hours. I created this using a combination over decades of creative insights, and a brand new AI tech (Stable diffusion). I am absolutely blown away with the results.

The site is pretty empty at the moment, but eventually it will be a place where people can exchange insights on art and technology.

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