Amazon Celebrates Ten Years of Autonomous Warehouse Robotics

Amazon launches a fully-autonomous warehouse robot
Amazon is a must when discussing fulfillment robots. Amazon has been the 800-pound gorilla of the fulfillment robot category for the last decade. This is thanks to several key acquisitions, and its seemingly limitless resources. Amazon Robotics is driving the warehouse robotics and automated categories, despite the recent increase in automation and warehouse robotics due to pandemics and the resulting job crunch.

The company, at its Re: Mars conference, held in Las Vegas this week, celebrated the tenth anniversary of its robotics unit, which was born when it acquired Kiva Systems. Amazon Robotics, over the course of its existence, has deployed more 520,000 robotic drive unit across its sort and fulfillment centers. It’s a huge success from the outside. The company has been pushing for same-day and next-day delivery of packages. This has prompted the competition to seek out their own robotics solutions.


Amazon debuts a fully autonomous warehouse robot