Amazon Execs discuss Machine Learning Applications for Drug Discovery, Genomic Analysis, and Clinical Trials

Amazon executives discussed machine learning at their internal AI conference. They talked about how it could revolutionize drug discovery, clinical trials and genomics.

Insider has obtained documents which reveal the topics, challenges and goals discussed. They show Amazon’s desire to compete with Google’s DeepMind – a leader in AI-powered science discovery. Amazon could become a serious player in medicine, instead of just dabbling with healthcare services.

According to Insider, Sergey Menis is a senior solutions architect and Amazon scientist. He said that the demarcation between Amazon/AWS core business and life sciences and healthcare was shifting. Amazon’s spokesperson refused to comment on the statement.

Menis has developed a nanoparticle which is the basis for a promising HIV-vaccine candidate. Taha KassHout, Amazon’s chief physician, joined him at the Amazon Machine Learning Conference last week.