Anything World raises $7.5m to fund its AI Animation Tool

Metaverse ‘yada yada yada’ — Anything World raises $7.5m for its AI animation tool

Its technology allows users to bring a static 3D model to life. If you are building a 3D virtual forest, and have 3D models for the animals you would like to see, Anything World will use its machine-learning technology to put a virtual body in each animal. This allows it to move lifelike.

Data from Dealroom shows that metaverse investment interest has been waning this year. The platform’s investment into startups that are tagged as \”metaverse\”, dropped from $2.8bn to $446m, due to low user interest and Mark Zuckerberg laying off 11k Meta employees.

Sebastian Hofer, cofounder of Anything World, says that while many investors were seduced by metaverse hype over the past year, his firm is building a useful tool for clients who don’t want to jump on the Zuckerberg train.