Aporo II Robotic Packaging Machine Revolutionizes Fruit Packaging

Fruit packing robots reduce packhouse labor by up to 90%
A robotic intelligent fruit packing machine can automate the most labor intensive job in the packhouse. This robot could be a game changer for post-harvest operators.

Globe Pac Technologies’ Aporo II robot produce packaging machine builds on the technology of its original Aporo I Produce Packer. The latest model, which was first developed in 2018, can now accommodate twice as much throughput. It packs 240 fruits per minute and saves between two to four labor units for each double packing belt.

Cameron McInness of Jenkins Group in New Zealand, which founded Global Pac Technologies along with Van Doren Sales Inc. of the US, says that Aporo II is able to be retrofitted onto two packing belts, instead of just one. This will double the throughput of Aporo I and save labor.


Fruit packing robot dramatically cuts packhouse labor needsĀ