Artificial Intelligence takes the Helm: A new AI-led political party in Denmark, The Synthetic Party.

New European Political Party Led by Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the Synthetic Party. A new political party in Denmark, it hopes to have a seat in parliament soon. By the way, Leader Lars is an AI chatbot and all its policies are AI-derived. Cool?

Asker Staunaes is the founder of the party, and an artist and researcher at nonprofit organization MindFuture. He told Motherboard, that Leader Lars was specifically trained in policies developed by Danish fringe parties after 1970. According to him, the party was designed to represent the 20 percent of current-day Danish voters who do not have their parties represented in parliament.

Staunaes, a site spokesperson, said: \”We represent the data of all fringe political parties. This includes all parties that are trying to be elected into parliament without a seat.\” \”So, it’s someone who has a political vision that they’d like to achieve but don’t usually have the resources or money to do so,\” Staunaes told the site.