Atlas to the Rescue: Boston Dynamics’ Robot Demonstrates Human-Like Dexterity in Tool Retrieval

Boston Dynamics Atlas now has the ability to pick up and throw items just like a human.
Celebrate the final result with a stylized party.

Boston Dynamics has done this again. The company released a video in which Atlas, its bipedal robot that performs parkour tricks flawlessly, does what we all hate the most: climbing down from high platforms or ladders to reach the tool needed.

The video was shot in Boston Dynamics’ controlled facility, and the result of hours of sweating and broken robotic appendages. We have previously covered this.

This vignette shows a man working on a platform high up and realizing that he forgot his tool bag. This happens a lot. If a robot such as Atlas were to be at our disposal, we could ask him to give us the tool bag, and he would do so without hesitation.