B.O.A.T. : The Brightest of All Time Gamma Rays Could Signal the Birth of a black hole

A record-breaking Gamma Ray burst may indicate the birth of a black hole

On October 9, an unimaginably strong influx of X rays and gamma rays invaded our solar system. Scientists are stunned by the discovery. It is likely to be the result of an explosion that occurred 2.4 billion light years away from Earth.

Astrophysicists around the world turned their telescopes towards the spectacular show in the aftermath of the explosion. They watched it unfold from various cosmic vantage points. And as they studied the event’s glimmering glow over the next week, they were shocked at how bright the gamma ray burst seemed to be.

The spectacle’s intensity eventually earned it an appropriate (very millennial!) name to go with its robotic title GRB221009A, B.O.A.T. The \”brightest\” of all times.