Ben Goertzel explores reincarnation, robots and more

Ben Goertzel on Reincarnation, Robots and Ben Goertzel
Ben Goertzel is the author of several books on artificial intelligent, including Engineering General Intelligence Vols. He is the author of many books on artificial intelligence including Engineering General Intelligence, Vols. In addition, he is the editor (with Damien Broderick), of an anthology on parapsychology entitled Evidence for Psi : Thirteen empirical research reports. He is the chief scientific officer of Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based company.

He notes here that while the idea of robot reincarnation seems absurd, much of our current technology would seem nonsensical to older generations of humans. He quotes the Dalai Lama, who (half-jokingly), suggested that future artificial intelligence programmers might incarnate as robots. Stephen Braude’s book Immortal remains is cited as an example of how we should consider a form of consciousness that operates outside the body. He describes the types of metaphysical and scientific models that could lead to this development.

Jeffrey Mishlove is the new host of Thinking Allowed. He is also an author of The Roots of Consciousness and The PK Man. He hosted and coproduced the original Thinking Allowed television series between 1986 and 2002. He holds the only doctorate in \”parapsychology\”, ever conferred by an accredited university. (University of California at Berkeley, 1980). He was also the past president of Intuition Network a non-profit organization that aims to create a world where all people can cultivate their intuitive abilities.

Recorded April 29, 2016.