Bumble Bees Roll Wooden Balls to Have Fun: They Show Their Sophisticated Minds

Bumble bees love to ‘play:’ new video study shows that they move balls for fun
Even insects enjoy playing and having fun.

Researchers have discovered that Bumble bees love to play with balls. This suggests insect minds are more sophisticated than previously believed.

This is the first study that shows insects playing with toys even when they don’t seem to benefit from it.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London discovered that younger bees rolled more wooden balls than older ones, despite the fact that they were ignoring food.

The younger bees, like children, are playful.

Samadi Galpayage, a doctoral student at Queen Mary, said that it is indeed mind-blowing and amusing to watch bumblebees play. These ‘toys,’ they approach and manipulate repeatedly.

This shows, yet again, that they are not just small robots.

She said: They might experience positive emotions, even if they are rudimentary.