Can Machines Replace Human Creativity?

Will machines replace human creativity?

Aleks Farseev, PhD, is a research professor and keynote speaker. He is also the CEO of – a platform for long-tail advertising optimization.

Recently, I was asked by a few of my clients to show them a new tool. The prototype was simple, a person could type in some information (i.e. advertising channel, product, and occasion) and the machine would then give several sample ads. The machine produced several ads with text and images in a matter of seconds after I clicked on the button. The first comment I heard was \”Wow! That was fast!\” What would normally take an individual several hours to complete, the machine accomplished in a fraction of that time. Many other comments were made, with some mentioning that the machine was very creative. One person then spoke up, and the entire room fell into a uncomfortable silence. \”This thing will take my job.\”

Uncertainty is the new normal. Many will wonder how AI applications will affect our society as they become more popular and visible. Some \”doomsayers\”, who believe AI will dominate the world, are a minority. There are also those who believe that AI won’t be able replicate humans. How can a machine replicate something so complex and intricate? The advancements in AI continue, however, to amaze us day after day. It’s as if they are challenging our humanity.