Cerebras Systems Unveils AI Supercomputer With 13.5M+ Cores

Cerebras Systems launches AI supercomputer with over 13.5M processor cores

Cerebras Systems Inc., a chip startup, unveiled Andromeda today. It is a supercomputer that runs artificial intelligence applications and has more than 13,5 million processor cores.

Cerebras Systems, based in Sunnyvale (California), is backed with more than $720 millions of venture capital. The startup sells the WSE-2 chip, which is designed specifically to run AI software. Cerebras Systems’ new Andromeda Supercomputer is based upon the WSE-2 Chip.

According to Cerebras Systems Andromeda is capable of delivering performance exceeding one exaflop for AI applications. One exaflop is equal to 1 million trillion calculations every second. Andromeda is said to be suitable for training large language models. These are neural networks capable of performing tasks like translating text or generating software code.