ChatGPT’s Unfortunate Encounter with the PSLE: A Poor Showing After a Stellar Performance at Wharton

ChatGPT fails PSLE despite acing Wharton Business School Exam

I failed a test that was given to Singaporean students.

This publication compares ChatGPT to students who took the PSLE within the last three years, using the most recent collection of past papers available at bookstores.

ChatGPT scored only 16 points out of 100 for three math papers. It received 21 points for science papers and 11 points out of 20 points for English papers.

It was limited by the fact that it could not answer questions that included graphics or charts. For these sections, the bot received zero points. It performed better when it was given questions to attempt to answer. It answered more than half the questions on the maths papers, and about a quarter of those in the science papers, where the majority of questions included graphs.


ChatGPT fails PSLE after acing Wharton Business School exam