Chippy the Robot: Chipotle Tries Out Tortilla-Making Automaton for Burrito and Taco Varieties

Chipotle’s experimental robots add variety with their tortillas

Robots in the kitchen are capable of making much more than pizzas and sliders. Chipotle has been testing Chippy, an arm-based robot from Miso Robotics (already used at White Castle), customized to make tortillas chips. The bot can not only replicate Chipotle’s recipe but also add \”subtle variants\” to make it more interesting. You might end up with a little bit more salt or lime.

The Chipotle \”innovation center\” in Irvine, California is the only place where this test has been conducted. The Mexican themed restaurant chain plans to also use Chippy at a restaurant in southern California later this year. The feedback from employees and customers will be used to shape any possible national rollout.

Chipotle has said that people will still be involved with making the majority of your burritos or tacos. Chippy, like the Pepper chatbot that was introduced earlier, will \”improve the experience of humans\” and not replace the back-of-house chefs. You may get your food faster and of higher quality, especially during busy times.