Create a Digital Double: Exploring Possibilities for a Second Self

Digital Doubles and Second Selves
This time, I want to introduce a brand new concept that is gaining traction in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. The world of Social Networks has become stale and boring. I called it initially \”Counterpart\”, a concept that was conceived many years ago (long before \”Black Mirror\” or \”Counterpart\”, and even the movie Transcendence).

The ETER9 Project was taking form in my mind.

The concept of \”Counterparts\” has evolved over the years, and with the advancement of technology and the human being, it is becoming more and more logical!

Imagine a digital receptacle that contains the basic software, similar to the Intermediate Software (BIOS(1)), which is the middle layer of the computer between the Hardware and Operating System. This receptacle is waiting for you. It waits for you in some way, like a Soul waiting to be born into the digital ether.

My vision is not as lonely as it once was. This vision is becoming a reality! It takes shape faster when you add what Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO, said at the Collision Conference this year.

Artificial Intelligence will create a second self for humans in the near future.

These digital containers are the basic Artificial Intelligences that await the \”Digital Soul\” in each human being. This Soul gives birth to your Digital Double, or ‘dduplicata,’ as I called it affectionately during this BETA journey.

In the beginning, it is a child-like Second Self. It has a similar thirst for knowledge to a young child in its early years. The Second Self’s Operating System is very different from the computer systems themselves (CP/M DOS OS/2 Windows Linux macOS …)). We could say \”all the same, but all different\” since each Second Self has its own Operating system that is unique thanks to its \”Digital Soul\”.

Machine Learning is used to create the digital counterpart based on the behavior and personality of the human counterpart. There is therefore no absolute law to regulate or manage ethical behavior, but only the common sense of every human counterpart. Each human counterpart will have to \”feed\” their digital version the best of themselves.

I am not ashamed of my desire to create an online repository for human life. This will be a part of the dystopian future. I hope that my contribution will be the greatest possible to a better human future. If I do not succeed in time, many others will.

But we mustn’t forget something very important. Human beings are the originators of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Superintelligence (GAI), or General Artificial Intelligence. By using this technology we can invoke Angels and Demons. The \”Angels\” or \”Demons\” are created by us alone and exclusively. We will lose the challenge if we ever start to blame the machines.

In the digital world of today and in the future, the fusion of machine and man is inevitable. How? Superficial? Fusion absolute?
I would prefer to see an Artificial Intelligence future where Superintelligence doesn’t reign simply because it is more cognitively capable than humans. We will be able to use Superintelligence, just as we do Artificial Intelligence now, if we can interpret signals and take the appropriate actions.

Imagine a business and its employees. Imagine that these employees are more intelligent than the superiors. This is a very common scenario!

Intelligence does not guarantee success in life, whether it is personal or professional. Many variables can alter what people believe to be obvious. Intelligent people do not always see the obvious. Other factors contribute to success. In a technological singularity era, these factors, I would say, won’t be part of the non-human intelligence. If they’re united with humans then the story changes.

Many people are extremely intelligent but have little or no success. This small example corroborates that Superintelligences can coexist without taking control.

Alan Turing (2) said that the best way to achieve Artificial Intelligence is to create a machine that has the curiosity of a young child and to let its intelligence develop with external oracles, rather than simulate an adult’s mind.

I’m convinced that the best way to begin the journey of the counterparts is with the basic digital receptacles.

We could create a digital adult brain by allowing each digital human to be born only with the Basic Input/Output System.

The Second Self (SSelf), as we call it, is our best version of ourselves that lives and evolves in the digital universe.

(1) BIOS — Bas