Creating the World That Never Has Been: Ben Reinhardt’s Mission to Make Sci-Fi a Reality

Ben Reinhardt Is On A Mission To Make Sci-Fi A Reality

Ben Reinhardt, an undergraduate at Caltech University, often passed by a mural on the side of a campus building. The mural included a quote by Theodore von Karman who was the first director at JPL.

A recent Nature article described the decline of scientific progress in the past few decades.

Arcadia Institute in the Bay Area is one of the new institutions that are experimenting with changing the traditional structure of science. It has a program dedicated to translational research, and \”will provide an unique combination of funding support, access, and new product development.\”

The Overedge Catalog by Sam Arbesman provides a good overview of the many new research organizations.

Investors were attracted to Reinhardt’s vision of a private DARPA, which is laid out in a 278-page whitepaper. The document begins with ‘How can we make science fiction more real?’ Today they announced that Speculative Technologies was launched with the initial support of Schmidt Futures. Patrick Collison. Protocol Labs. The Sloan Foundation. Kanjun Qiu is the founder of Generally Intelligent AI Research Company and Adam Marblestone is the founder and CEO Convergent.