DeepMind AI Achieves Major Breakthrough with AlphaFold: Generating 3D Views of the Protein Universe

DeepMind AI powers major scientific breakthrough: AlphaFold generates 3D view of the protein universe

DeepMind’s European Bioinformatics Institute and EMBL have made AI-powered predictions about the three-dimensional structure of almost all proteins cataloged by science. The AlphaFold Protein Structure Database makes the catalog available for free and open access to the scientific community.

The two organizations are hoping that the expanded database will help to further our understanding of Biology, and assist countless scientists as they work to address global challenges.

The database has grown by 200 times. The database has expanded from 1 million to 200 million structures, covering almost all organisms on Earth whose genome has been sequenced. The expanded database now includes predicted structures for many species including plants, bacteria and animals. The expanded database opens new research avenues in the life sciences, which will impact global challenges such as sustainability, food security, and neglected diseases.


DeepMind AI Powers Major Scientific Breakthrough: AlphaFold Generates 3D View of the Protein Universe