DeepMind AlphaCode AI: Automating basic tasks through code generation

DeepMind AlphaCode AI is able to write code at a high level.

DeepMind created an AI that can write code to solve any problem. This was demonstrated by DeepMind participating in a programming challenge, and placing — well… somewhere in the middle. Although it won’t take over software engineers’ roles just yet, the AI is promising and could automate some basic tasks.

DeepMind is an Alphabet subsidiary that aims to create as much intelligence as possible. And coding is the current task of many of our greatest minds. The fusion of logic, language and problem solving that code is is a perfect fit for the capabilities of a computer.

OpenAI’s Codex project is not the first of its kind. It powers GitHub Copilot as well as a Microsoft test to allow GPT-3 to finish your sentences.


DeepMind’s AlphaCode AI writes code at a competitive level