Designing a clear window coating to cool buildings without using energy: AI to save the day

AI helped design a clear window coating that can cool buildings without using energy

As climate change intensifies the summer heat, there is a growing demand for new cooling technologies. Scientists have developed a transparent window film that can lower the temperature in buildings without using a single watt. The scientists achieved this feat with advanced computing technology and AI. Researchers published the details in ACS Energy Letters today, November 2.

According to previous research, cooling accounts for approximately 15% of the global energy consumption. This demand could be reduced by using a window treatment that blocks the ultraviolet and near infrared light from the sun. They are parts of solar spectrum which are invisible to us, but pass through the glass to heat a room.

The energy consumption could be further reduced if a coating emits heat through the window surface in a wavelength which passes through the outer atmosphere. It’s hard to create materials that meet both criteria and can transmit visible light at the same time. This is necessary so they do not interfere with the view. Eungkyu Luo, Tengfei Lou, and their colleagues designed a \”transparent radiant cooler\” (TRC).


AI Helped Design a Clear Window Coating That Can Cool Buildings Without Using Energy