Dr. Jeffrey Reacts to Claims of Google’s Sentient AI: An Expert’s Point of View

Google Sentient AI: What is it? Artificial Intelligence Expert Reacts
Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a growing concern for many. Can A.I. Could A.I. What does this mean for the way we view these machines? A former Google engineer claims that Google actually has created a sentient artificial intelligence. In the video by Help Me Understand, Dr. Jeffrey responds to these allegations.

Dr. Thomas R. Jeffrey, a professor and host of Help Me Understand at Campbellsville University, is also the host of Help Me Understand. His research focuses on the use and implementation of artificial intelligent.

Dr. Jeffrey reacts to Bloomberg Tech’s video: https://youtu.be/kgCUn4fQTsc.

In this video Dr. Jeffrey, a resident AI expert at our residence, provides insight into the A.I. and machine learning aspect. Technically speaking. He suggests we may need to create ethical guidelines for how we interact with A.I.

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