Elon Musk’s Real World AI: Enabling the Technological Singularity

Elon Musk’s Real World AI Is the Real World Technological Singularity
Ray Kurzweil predicted the Technological Singularity almost 20 years ago. Elon Musk’s real-world AI could create a world where economic abundance is possible. Robotaxi and Teslabot are more important than the car or the first industrial revolution.

Tesla sells Model Ys at about $60000 but they cost them between $30000 and 40000 dollars to manufacture. Teslabots are 1/30th the weight of a Model Y. It will only use 1/30th the batteries. Software is a major cost in development. The cost will be based on the cost of hardware plus Apple iPhone margins, including the software. Teslabot hardware costs $1000 at Model Y price of $30k. With margins and software, the cost of Teslabot is $2000. A bot can work 8,000 hours per year. 8,760 hours are in a single year. Divide $2000 by 8,000 hours and you get $0.25. Add 10 cents for electricity per hour and you get $0.35. Bots could work in factories and be cheaper than human workers. Tesla China has 15,000 employees. Replace them all with bots earning $0.35 an hour. Reduce labor cost component. Increase production rate by using a large number of bots. By 2X, all costs are spread across more units. Solar and batteries produced by robots can reduce the cost of electricity because they increase the supply. These trends could lead to bots costing $500-1000 and lower energy prices. It will be transformative to have virtually unlimited labor costs less than 35 cents an hour.

The Technological Singularity (TS) is the point at which technological progress becomes dramatically faster.

Real World AI is general artificial intelligence at human level. Ability to perform human tasks and jobs at a broad level.

Teslabots are able to load and deliver to boost supply chains massively.
Teslabots are able to carry out manufacturing tasks within the factory.
Teslabots are able to operate machines designed for humans.
Teslabots are able to replicate factories themselves.
Teslabots are capable of mining.

The economic growth would be exponentially increased.