Elon Musk’s vision of a fairer, more democratic platform: From ‘Chief Whit’ to a ‘Twitter complaint hotline operator’

Twitter Complaints Hotline Operator: From Chief Twit to Twitter Complaints Officer
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Elon Musk does not follow the same standards as most entrepreneurs. He likes to be unique, he is different.

When you are different and not afraid to be so, it is okay to try a joint (or a cigar, if you prefer). Joe Rogan, the famous podcaster, had a mixture of marijuana and tobacco. If you pay attention, Elon did not do anything wrong. He was simply being polite and following Rogan’s elaborate instructions. Musk asked Rogan if it was legal before he tried it.

All those Musk facial expressions, which photojournalists are always trying to capture, then go viral, as if Musk is promoting a soft drug, or letting the world know that his Tesla (or SpaceX office) is engulfed in a cloud of smoke.

The opposite is true. They spoke for themselves. It was as if they were saying, \”This is not special, Joe.\” Why are you wasting my time with this scene? Musk claimed that marijuana was not good for productivity, but I disagree.

Joe Rogan’s presumption and cheekiness were too much to believe that Elon Musk could be so creative and quick at his job, due to marijuana or other drugs. He replied politely, directly and promptly.

The media, however, chose to highlight the \”non content\” of the interview. They did this because the man was so nice to smoke a \”cigar\”, which generated a large cloud of smoke.

Musk has definitely shifted his focus.

Elon Musk enjoys doing useful things for others. Believe it or not, he said it himself. Musk was very interested in acquiring Twitter, but he knew that with such a powerful machine as Twitter he could accomplish more. Musk acted quickly to \”clean\” the microblogging machine. He prepared the people by carrying the sink (Easter Egg) to Twitter’s headquarters.

Facebook is a terrible site. It’s slow, full of patches, and has many features that don’t work properly. Facebook is slow, full of patches, has many features that don’t work, and very few intelligent algorithms.

The combination of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp — mainly — has made the system anything but user-friendly and practical.

Facebook, the social network as a whole, needs to change urgently if it is going to survive in this new future. I don’t mean the metaverse future Mark Zuckerberg envisions, but the future of the Internet as it is, the new Internet.

Mark’s old elephant looks tired and worn out. It looks like a mammoth stuck in prehistory. What good is it to have a large footprint in prehistory?

It’s time for a new Facebook, a fresher world. The new, demanding society cannot be active on this old and outdated network with retrograde ideas.

It took a man who was super brave and visionary — whether you love or hate Twitter — to move and shake up the entire organization.

If you consider the \”Big Picture\”, it’s not that dramatic. Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter and former CEO, but he no longer has a voice within the company. He says that the employees will be resilient and survive the change. In my humble opinion he is right!

All those who used to enjoy Twitter for free are now enraged by the reactions. They think that they have become masters of logic, despite having no reason.

This type of \”cleaning\”, especially to those outside who do not get to see inside the \”machine\”, is odd. It is strange that if the \”Chief Twit\” works, this will become mainstream.

People who are idle or do little often lack the patience to see the results of their hard work.

Many people claim that Elon Musk shows the power to do ‘whatever f*ck’ he pleases. I don’t think it is like that. He actually listens! He has grown tired of asking people for their opinions to make him more useful. Elon Musk has legitimate power.

He is entitled to claim that the \”Blue Twitter\” $8 plan includes the \”Verified Badge\”. He paid $44 billion to get the platform.

Who is the person who has always enjoyed Twitter, and the ‘Verified badge’ for free? Because a Twitter ‘Verified Badge (