Examining the Existential Threat of AI: Is Human Ability Compatible?

Watch: Will AI be an \”existential Threat\”?
What will the future look like for AI? Try out some AI software available to consumers, and compare it with the human brain.

AI can perform better than humans. But at what price? https://cybernews.com/editorial/ai-can-outperform-humans-but-at-what-cost/

Many say that it is not a matter of \”if\” but rather a matter of \”when.\”

You’ve got AI technology on a large scale and a small one. What is the real danger? Oxford University, ironically, used a machine learning algorithm in 2013 to see if 702 jobs could be automated. The results showed that 47% of them could.

The question of whether or not the technology is reliable is a major concern. AI is already being used by a wide range of professions. The most recent example was the explosion in AI-generated text, which has been implemented in more than 300 apps. Even in outer space, it’s used. This is an ominous sign for AI technology’s future outside the industrial market.

Can humans compete with AI technology?
While these technologies may not be the most groundbreaking in terms of the future and what AI alarmists have to say about the subject, they are still important. It’s clear that this is just a glimpse of what consumers have access to now. AI is capable of performing some tasks better than a human. The possibilities are endless, but do they outweigh any risks?