Explore the Genuinely Sci-Fi : 5 Movies that Get Science Right

Five Science Fiction Movies With Science Fiction.
Modern science fiction films tend to use science fiction to cover up potholes, or to feature action and elaborate explosions. The deus ex machine is always a time travel portal, or some advanced robots and aliens who are only interested in killing people.

I love those movies just as much as anyone else. Some filmmakers make an effort to imagine alternate realities and technologies which inspire the same way as classic science fiction. The films don’t have to be on-screen versions of MIT papers on quantum entanglement, but they should spin a good yarn that is inspired by real science.

Below are some slightly less commercial choices, rather than obvious ones like Interstellar, 2001, or Chef, the science fiction film where Jon Favreau dates Scarlett Johnasson as well as Sofia Vergara. This is the future I’m looking forward to.