Explore the Impact of OpenAI’s Greg Brockman’s Foundation Models and Generative Technologies. (DALL*E 2, GPT-3).

OpenAI’s Greg Brockman – The Future of LLMs and Foundation Models (DALL*E 2, GPT-3).
Greg Brockman is President and Co-Founder at @OpenAI. He joins Alexandre Wang, CEO and founder of Scale to discuss the importance of foundation models such as GPT-3 and DALL*E 2, both in research and the enterprise. The foundation models allow us to replace specific models with generalized models that can be used in different situations with little fine tuning.

OpenAI launched DALL*E in January 2021. It is a program that converts text into images. DALL*E 2 was released a year later. It generates images that are more realistic, accurate and have a lower latency. The resolution is four times higher than the predecessor. InstructGPT was released at the same time as a large-language model (LLM), which is specifically designed to follow directions. InstructGPT allows you to use the OpenAI API for revising existing content. For example, rewriting text or refactoring codes.

Brockman, who founded OpenAI in 2013, was previously the CTO at Stripe. He helped grow Stripe from four employees to 250. Watch this presentation to learn about how foundation models help businesses create applications more quickly.