Explore the Interplay between Semantics and Syntax to Unpack the Complexities of Strong AI

Semantics and Syntax in Support of Strong AI

You seem to think that my brain solves equations when I catch a baseball unconsciously. It brings together inertia and gravity to calculate my reaction. Although you may be correct, I do not think that most neuroscientists agree with your opinion. This is another computationalist bias. My nervous system does not solve equations. Instead, it uses extrapolation and experience through trial and error to develop a skill for extrapolating routes. It’s an empirical issue, so I may be wrong. As far as I’m concerned, my interpretation is supported by the evidence and theory.

Semantics is more than just a formal system of expressing meaning. It can also be used as a tool to make statements about reality, independent of the formal system. This is also a definition.

Your main argument sounds like a desperate attempt to maintain the computationalist faith you declared at the start in the face huge, possibly insurmountable challenges.