Explore the latest options for treating epilepsy: Mayo Clinic Q&A with Dr. Van Gompel

Mayo Clinic Q&A Podcast: The Latest Options for Treating Epilepsy
Seizure prediction, prevention and treatment are the main focus of research in this field. Dr. Van Gompel believes that artificial intelligence and machine-learning will enable neurologists and surgeons to continue moving towards better treatment options.

Dr. Van Gompel says, \”I believe we will continue to remove less and less of the brain.\” In fact, I believe that in decades we will understand stimulation well enough to never remove brains again. We may be able treat the misbehaving mind with electricity, or even something else. It may be that drug delivery directly to the area will help rehabilitate this area and make it functional again. At least, that’s our hope.\”

Dr. Van Gompel, on the Mayo Clinic Q&A Podcast, discusses the most recent treatment options for epilepsy as well as what research is coming up.