Explore the reality of artificial intelligence: Has the revolution happened yet?

Artificial Intelligence – The Revolution isn’t Here Yet

Artificial Intelligence is the current mantra. Technologists, academicians and journalists all use the phrase. The phrase is used by many people, including journalists and venture capitalists. This is not a classic case where the public does not understand the scientists – here, the scientists are as confused as the public. The idea that we are witnessing the rise of a silicon intelligence that is comparable to ours entertains us all, and also makes us frightened. It distracts us.

One can tell a different story about the present era. Consider the following story, which involves humans, computers, data and life-or-death decisions, but where the focus is something other than intelligence-in-silicon fantasies. We had an ultrasound when my wife was pregnant with our son 14 years ago. A geneticist was in the room and pointed out white spots near the heart of the foetus. \”Those are markers of Down syndrome,\” she said, \”and now your risk is 1 in 20.\” She also told us that an amniocentesis could be used to determine if the fetus had the genetic mutation underlying Down Syndrome. Amniocentesis is risky. The risk of the fetus dying during the procedure is approximately 1 in 300. As a statistician I was determined to discover where these figures came from.