Exploring Agency in the Age of Machines: A Talk by Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach – Agency in the Age of Machines
Synopsis: The arrival on Earth of homo sapiens was a singularity, a transition which dramatically altered the distribution and interactions of living species in a short period of time. These transitions have occurred before, but the machine intelligence is a novel phenomenon. For the first time on Earth, there are agents that aren’t part of the biosphere. AI could compete with the life itself, instead of fighting for a place in the ecosystems that support living systems.

What can we learn about agency from the competition and cooperation between AI and humans?

This presentation was part of a conference called ‘Stepping into the Future’.

Agency in an Age of Machines – Joscha Bach

Joscha Bach is an AI researcher and author who has published on cognitive architectures and mental representation. He also works and publishes about social modeling, multi-agent system, and emotion. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Osnabruck in Germany and built computational models of motivated decisions, perception, categorization and concept formation. He is particularly interested in AI philosophy and the enhancement of the human brain.

Joscha taught computer science, AI and cognitive science at Humboldt-Universit├Ąt Berlin and at the Institute for Cognitive Science in Osnabruck.

Amazon has his book \”Principles of Synthetic Intelligence: PSI: An architecture of motivated cognition\” (Oxford University Press).