Exploring the Moon: A 10,000 Day Timelapse of the Lunar Base

MOON BASE — The First 10,000 Days (Timelapse).
Lunar Space Station goes online, and the Moon Base is born. Elon Musk’s SpaceX Lunar Starship (Human Landing System), which Elon Musk built, docks here to pick up astronauts for the Lunar surface.

The Moon is only 3 days away. So technological development happens rapidly. Lunar dust shields and a Boring Company tunnel-digger digging lava tubes for Lunar Habitats are just a few of the many technological developments.

Additional footage: NASA, ESA SpaceX, ESA+ Foster and Partners, Vladimir Vustyansky ESO/M. Kornmesser from Relativity Space.

Thumbnail credit (Used With Written Permission) – ICON and SEArch+

Timelapse of a sci-fi film about a Lunar Colony, Moon Base and the Future of Living on the Moon.
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