Exploring the Possibilities of Artificial General Intelligence: AGI Laboratory’s Norn

AGI Laboratory moving toward artificial general intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence: Moving towards a new level of intelligence?


Interviews are available with the following:

Kyrtin Areteides — Norn’s COO and coinventor.

David J Kelley – Norn’s founder and original.

Frits Israel — Norn Chief Executive Officer


Lief Anya schneider is the head of communication at AGI Laboratory.

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AGI Laboratory’s Norn is a software system that AGI Lab believes \”has independent motivation based upon human-like feelings\”. Norn’s unique configuration gives it not only a memory but also an emotional context to every concept and the ability and will to grow dynamically.

Norn, according to the company, is a real time and scalable hybrid AGI-based Technology and Collective Intelligence Systems with a novel graph-based memory. It also has access to a wide range of tools. Its unique architectural design makes it exponentially more efficient than other systems.

The system is in alpha testing and will be commercialized by the end of 2023. Apparently, two national governments are in the initial stages of discussions about becoming beta testers. Norn is developed by David J Kelley, a \”futurist\” who has won eight Microsoft MVP awards.