Exploring the Possibility of Quantum Gravity: Physicists Create a Holographic Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer Helps Physicists Create Holographic Wormholes

Scientists claim to have created the first ever wormhole. This is a tunnel that was theorized by Albert Einstein in 1935 and Nathan Rosen, which leads from one location to another via an extra dimension of the universe.

The wormhole appeared like a hologram from quantum bits of data, or \”qubits\”, stored in tiny circuits of superconducting material. The physicists sent information through the hole by manipulating qubits. They reported this today in Nature.

Maria Spiropulu, of the California Institute of Technology led the team that implemented Google’s \”wormhole-teleportation protocol,\” a device named Sycamore, located at Google Quantum AI, Santa Barbara, California. Spiropulu and her team, with this \”quantum gravity on a chip\” – as she described it – beat a rival group of physicists aiming to do wormhole-teleportation using IBM and Quantinuum quantum computers.

This unprecedented experiment explores whether space-time can somehow be derived from quantum information. However, the interpretation of the work is still disputed.