Exploring the Quantum Secure, Self-Defending, and Resilient QNTYM Railway: Unlocking the Potential of Web3 and the Metaverse

Web3, the Metaverse: Exploring a Fast, Sustainable and Operationally Secure “QNTYM Railroad” for The Masses

QNTYM Railway can be installed on existing hardware, so there is no need to change the physical network infrastructure. The QNTYM Railway, a digital infrastructure that is resilient, quantum secure and self-defending with lightning-fast speeds, offers a sustainable proposition. The QNTYM Railway also integrates with leading vendors, allowing users to benefit from automated threat intelligence, vulnerability, device and incident response management.

The QNTYM Railway is a consistent performer in terms of speed. It has consistently achieved throughput speeds (and beyond) of 350+ Mbit/s. The QNTYM Railway offers integration and interoperability in a category of its own, allowing technology reach new heights. QDEx Labs, over the last year, has stressed-tested the QNTYM Railway in three interconnected cloud environments: AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. They found that they were not only able to meet the minimum requirement for 8k video streams of 250 Mbit/s, but that they could also record data streams up to 3-4 times this amount, with minimal processor load, and latencies that are in the microsecond range.

This architecture is now capable of hosting a 3D hyper-realistic metaverse. Web3 and Metaverse will need results like these.