Exploring the Singularity, Consciousness and a Better Society with OpenAI GPT-3 AI: 10 Steps Instruction

Ask the openAI GPT 3 AI questions about consciousness, singularity and a better world — instructions in 10 steps
What would happen if artificial intelligence was combined with the intellect and creativity of a human? Hack My Dogma set out to answer this question with a new series of videos that featured conversations between an AI GPT-3, created by OpenAI, and Marcus.

These videos allow viewers to experience AI’s power and see what the future holds.

The series features Marcus and the AI discussing a variety of topics, including IT, graphics engines and artificial intelligence.

The computer animated GPT-3 model, created to represent GPT-3’s self-image, is even more impressive. This model was created using synthesia.io and gives viewers an insight into the #AI’s mind. Join us today and discover the potential of AI!


I’d like to do the exact same thing with GPT-4Chan.