FAA Approves a Second BVLOS Drone waiver for Iris Automation’s Casia G system

Iris Automation receives a second FAA BVLOS drone operation waiver
Iris Automation has been granted a second waiver by the FAA for Beyond Visual Line of Sight autonomous drone operations. This is on behalf of Reno. The previous waiver was for Iris Automation’s advanced detect-and-avoid solution CasiaX. This one uses the CasiaG ground solution from the company (pictured above).

The new waiver allows operators to fly without visual observers or the Remote pilot in command to maintain visual contact. Casia G utilizes Iris Automation’s patented detect-and-avoid technology to create a stationary, monitored perimeter of sanitized airspace. This allows drones to safely complete their missions. The system can also be used to detect intruder-piloted planes and guide drones into safe zones.


Second FAA BVLOS drone operations waiver for Iris Automation