Generative AI can help filmmakers unlock the creative power of AI.

AI has become more creative, and filmmakers shouldn’t be afraid
Artificial intelligence could not perform these creative tasks until very recently.

AI Sketch software such as DreamStudio and Dall-E 2 can generate images using a text-based interface. This process is known as \”generative AI.\”

The internet is used to source images for the training of Generative AI. The machine will then be able to distinguish between people, places and objects and create its own images based on any text that it receives.

The more data sets AI can use, the more creative and accurate the results.

Corridor Digital used AI to create images for a story a few months ago. The results are truly inspiring.

Based on a few key terms, the AI created images featuring members of the Corridor Crew in custom settings with costumes, props and backgrounds.…-rendering