Goldman Sachs report finds humanoid robots could generate $154 billion in revenue over the next 15 years

Goldman Sachs Report: Humanoid Robots Could Generate $154 Billion in Revenue Over Next 15 Years
Tesla’s Optimus inspired the investment giant to produce this report.

According to a new report by Goldman Sachs, humanoid robotics could become a $154 billion a year business in the next 15 years.

It is an impressive feat to achieve in such a short time, especially when you consider the long history of robots. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has previously said that the robot market may one day be more valuable than Tesla’s car income.

Tesla’s robot, which it unveiled recently, was also an inspiration for the investment giant to produce its report.

This report, which was inspired by Tesla’s introduction its Optimus robotic system, reveals a promising future for robotics. These machines could replace humans for monotonous or dangerous tasks.