Google AI’s Sim2Real breaks records with a 340 hit rally in Ping Pong

Watch Google’s Ping Pong robot perform a 340 hit rally
Google AI is working on a Ping-Pong AI that will destroy us all. It is still \”cooperative\” for now, but with the speed at which these improvements are made, it won’t be long before it can compete against pros.

The project, i-Sim2Real is not just about Ping Pong, but about creating a robot system that can adapt to and work around the fast-paced, unpredictable behavior of humans. Ping-Pong (also known as table tennis) has the advantage that it is a very constrained game.

Sim2Real is the name of an AI creation method in which a machine-learning model is taught how to behave in a simulation or virtual environment, and then uses that knowledge in real life. This is necessary because it can take years to develop a model. Using a simulation allows for years of training in real time to be completed in minutes or even hours.


Watch Google’s Ping-Pong robot pull off a 340-hit rally