Google Brings A.I.-Powered ‘Multisearch’ Global with Expansion of Google Lens

Google’s A.I. powered’multisearch’, which combines images and text in a single search, is now available globally

Google announced today that the \”multisearch\” function, which is a newer version of Google’s A.I. feature, will be available on mobile devices worldwide, wherever Google Lens already exists. This feature allows users to simultaneously search for text and images. It was introduced in April last year as a way of modernizing Google search so that it could better take advantage of smartphone capabilities. In the coming months, a variation of this feature, called \”multisearch nearby me,\” will be available globally. This will target searches for local businesses.

Google has explained that multisearch relies on A.I. Multitask Unified Model (MUM) is a technology that can recognize information in a wide range of formats including text, images, and videos. It then draws insights and connections among topics, concepts, ideas, etc. Google Lens’ visual search feature allows users to add text when searching visually.

Lens redefined the meaning of search. Since then, we’ve brought Lens to the search bar and continue to add new features like shopping and step by step homework help, according to Prabhakar Raghavan, Google SVP for Search, Assistant Geo, Ads Commerce and Payments Products.


Google’s AI-powered ‘multisearch,’ which combines text and images in a single query, goes global