Google Should Not Be Underestimated in the AI Battle with OpenAI and Microsoft, Says a Key Former Engineer

A former engineer says that Google is not to be underestimated in the AI battle with OpenAI and Microsoft.

OpenAI has sparked an explosion of funding and software development around artificial-intelligence software that understands human language. Although the technology is still prone to mistakes, there are a number of new applications, ranging from tools to help marketers create copy to audio-chatbots which may be able negotiate discounts with companies such as Comcast.

Last week, The Information subscribers joined a conference about AI’s future with Noam Shzeer, CEO at Character, who is developing chatbots that are similar to OpenAI ChatGPT, and co-authored an important research paper while working for Google. Clement Delangue is the CEO of Hugging face, a service like Github where software engineers can store their machine-learning models.