Hacking Complex Diseases & Aging With AI & Digital Markers: Dr. Peter Fedichev Ph.D. & Gero’s Innovation Approach

Dr. Peter Fedichev PhD, CEO, Gero – Hacking Complex Diseases & Aging With AI & Digital Markers
Dr. Peter Fedichev is the CEO of Gero, a biotech firm that focuses on using AI to discover novel drugs and digital biomarkers for complex diseases.

Gero’s models are based on the physics and dynamics of complex dynamic systems. They combine the power of deep neural networks, with physical models, to study dynamical processes in order to understand the driving forces behind diseases.

Dr. Fedichev is a biophysicist with a background that includes bioinformatics, condensed matter, and biophysics. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam and conducted research both at the FOM Institute (part of the institutes of the Dutch Research Council of Netherlands), and the University of Innsbruck.

Dr Fedichev, a physicist and biophysicist, has published more than 70 articles on his research in physics, biology, and aging.