Hermeus, the quest to create the world’s fastest commercial aircraft

Hermeus builds the fastest commercial aircraft in the world. We also got to visit their hypersonic lab.

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Hermeus, an aircraft startup, is trying to achieve something unprecedented. It wants to build a plane that can land at hypersonic speed, take off and fly to sea level using only one jet engine.

Hermeus has been experimenting to achieve this goal with a demonstration aircraft named Quarterhorse – a small, single-engined autonomous vehicle that is designed to test a company’s unique engine and briefly reach Mach 5 in order to collect data.

Freethink asked Hermeus if early experiments with Quarterhorse were likely to be successful. What is the answer? No. The most likely outcome is failure. The founder of Hermeus said, \”Every day we inch a bit closer to our goal. A little bit more and a bit more closer.\” There will be days where we’ll go in the opposite direction. We’ll learn something new, we’ll fail a test and take a backward step. We will keep going, little by little, until this becomes a reality.

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