\n\n\nFor Jim Keller:\n\n\n\n\nAI: The Beast Or Jerusalem? Jonathan Pageau and Jim Keller in Conversation #308

AI: The Beast Or Jerusalem? | Jonathan Pageau & Jim Keller | #308
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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Jonathan Pageau discuss the pros and cons to technological advancement and whether it is something we should fear or encourage.

Jim Keller, a microprocessor engineering expert best known for his work with Apple and AMD, is an engineer who specializes in the design of complex processors. Jim Keller is a microprocessor engineer who has worked at Apple and AMD. He was the architect of many game-changing processors. He also co-authored several instruction sets that were highly complex designs. He is credited with being the key person behind AMD’s ability to compete against Intel in the high end CPU market. Keller joined Tesla in 2016, becoming Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering. In 2018, Keller became Senior Vice President at Intel. He resigned in 2020 due to disagreements about outsourcing production. However, he quickly found a job at Tenstorrent as Chief Technical officer.

Jonathan Pageau, a French-Canadian icon artist and liturgical artist, is known for his work displayed in museums around the world. He carves Eastern Orthodox images and other traditional ones, and teaches a carving class online. He runs a YouTube Channel dedicated to exploring symbolism in history and religion.


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