Hybrid Intelligence Agents: Harnessing solar energy after sunset

Solar Cells continue to work long after the sun has set.

Solar panels need to be running 24/7.

We explicitly model an agent using the Cognitive Science Theory.

The two memory systems, episodic and semantic, are compared to show which is superior.
Having only one of the memory systems. To demonstrate this, we’ve.
We have created and released \”the Room\”, a challenging environment compatible with Windows.

OpenAI Gym is a training program that teaches agents how to store and encode data.

Recover memories to maximize the rewards. The room environment is designed to allow for.
Hybrid intelligence setup where humans and machines can work together. We show.

Two agents working together results in better performance.
More than one agent can act alone. We have open-sourced our code and models at https://github.com/tae898/explicit-memory.


Harvesting Energy at Night: Solar Cell Keeps Working Long After Sun Sets